The world belongs to the thinkers and it is up to us the way we chose to think. Whether we think creatively or in the very usual way. Unfortunately, we associate this job of creative thinking to the artist, writers, musician, designers, and forget that it relates to our everyday work.

If we want to be less distracted from our work and want more efficient results we should incorporate an element of creativity. Here, I want to highlight some common areas that if done thoughtfully, we become more energized, focused and motivated to do better.


We are currently leaving in an environment where things are being changed at a faster pace than ever. We are subject to any unpredicted events that could hamper our daily activities. To fulfil the commitments timely and meet the deadlines, we should think of every possible option that we can opt to take on the work smoothly.

Timely delivery of the work in which every team member participates require more collaboration among the team members and team bonding. Now, due to the fast-changing work environment, it is an added job of the team leaders to explore new avenues for more collaboration and bonding among the team member.

Currently, a lot of organizations are having Work from Home or WFH strategy to deliver their tasks, but its effectiveness is largely depended upon the sector in which the organization is operating, culture and commitment to learnings of the organization. It is like “one size doesn’t fit for all”, and considering this we should keep on looking at the new avenues that we should opt to improve our teamwork.

Open Discussion

We miss the opportunity to have different solutions for any problem if we take all the decisions solely and does not place the problem before the team for an open discussion.

New ideas are essential and are the crux of creativity. To have creative solutions for any problem/task, we should think in groups. Having a group setting where everyone is open to sharing their insights could let you explore the amazingly different solutions.

Place Open-Ended Questions

Start taking others’ point of view while having one on one conversation. Ask “what we can do” not “do this”. If you say “do this” you just close the conversation and would miss the opportunity to have the ideas that are in your teammates’ mind. If you open a conversation with an open-ended question you may have a different solution to the problem.

Continuous Work Improvement (CWI)

If we are doing a task repeatedly, it is up to us how we are taking up that task. Whether we do it in an old fashion or try to do it differently. If you are not getting an opportunity to have a new task and are being fed up in doing the same task every single day, you should do that task differently.

The tasks that we do create some value for the others, we should think of how we can add value in that task for the users. It could be a better presentation, more timely or may have some added information. Simply, we can say it is about seeking excellence in your work and for that we need to bring some creativity in our work.

Finally, I would say, being creative is a mindset. It is about how we take our work, whether as a blessing or curse or a blessing in disguise. If you are more engaged in your work and have some good emotions with it, you could have some amazing new ideas or solution for your daily work.